Thursday, September 4, 2008


last2 friday....peace 2 da world...

Last Friday....Senyum Paksa Je!!!.....pakai crocs tu!!!lompat tinggi je....



Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Night.....

Last night....
i didn't go to tuition....yes....
i joined all my cousins (around 10 people) went to Mid Valley watched "4bia", Thailand horror movie...
not scary la....boring je....
This movie have 4 different stories & 4 different lives...
First was about a lonely girl finds companionship with a guy that she knows through phone text...
Second about make a good-looking portfolio instead of a good movie...
Third is about a parody of hollywood movies with bits of comedy...
Lastly is a story about a widow...
Not much scare to me & my male cousin (3 people)....but the girl was screamed like there was a ghost beside them....bising je..
anyway i think that this movie is good & cool to watch.... not so scare & have some comedy also.....
after that i 'terjumpa' najihah family....then her dad belanja all of us ate....
thanks uncle aziz....haha.....
then we go karaoke, my cousin baru dapat gaji & belanja all of us...haha.... one of my cousin sang like crazy... she is so funny.... we finished karaoke around 11 pm..
then my uncle & my another cousin fetch us and sent us home....
what a best "cousins day out"....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Your Call

Waiting for your call, I'm sick, call I'm angry
Call I'm desperate for your voice
Listening to the song we used to sing
In the car, do you remember Butterfly, Early Summer
It's playing on repeat, Just like when we would meet
I was born to tell you I love you
And I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine
Stay with me tonight
Stripped and polished, I am new, I am fresh
I am feeling so ambitious, you and me, flesh to flesh
Because every breath that you will
take when you are sitting next to me
will bring life into my deepest hopes,
What's your fantasy? What's your
And I'm tired of being all alone,
and this solitary moment makes me want to come back home
I know everything you wanted isn't anything you have

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Daniel Pic......

Daniel with my sis & my bro in-law

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Some people say, guys are the only one with ego's. Well, they're wrong. Girls have ego's too.

To whoever you might think, terasa by this post, i don't give a damn okay.

You say I have an ego problem, but you never look at yourself. You wanna start something big, yet from something so small. This is the problems with girls i know. If you want me to stay the hell away from you two, tell me to my face rather than telling other people to do it for you. So pathetic.

'till then,

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Sorry if i haven't been updating for a while. Okay, cut that, for a longggggg time. I was, know..busy, and busy, and basketball!, and busy..and lazy also. =pp

Anyway, today is okay. Still sickk. Sore throat. It burns when i cough, tak boleh tahan. =( Don't wanna talk about my results. I'll mengamuk later. I'm gonna have my own duty after holidays. Yes, my OWN duty as a probate. I think i can handle it, i hope i can. =)

After school, saw you. Got the semangat to play basketball already. haha. Played tangga. Menyampah aku dengar tue. Menyampah. Main tangga menang. Main game hancur. Takde maknanya. After that played 3on3 with some sbs students. We lost. At first it was okay. Then adalah seorang nie yg hancurkan reputasi kita. He didn't even run, he didn't rebound the ball, he didn't even mark/guard anybody. Menyampah. Apa2 je lah. Siapa yg makan cili dia terasa pedas. hehe. Good job to Afiq that did everything he can to equalise the score. Dia shooter. haha.

Just noticed today is our 100th post. Wow. For so long we created this post, and sekaran baru kita post ke-100. haha.

You made my day, babyy. And you'll never fail to put a smile on my face. =)

Till then,


Think of the one you like or love right now. We dont need to know who it is ..

1.Why do you like/love her?
Because she is ............(secret la)
2.Would you still like/love her if she were a different religion?

3.Would you still like/love her if she didnt like/love you back?

4.Would you still like/love her if her family hated you?

Yes...I love her not her family
5.Would you still like/love her if you hated her family?

6.Would you still like/love her if she had different views on politics?

Yes...politics sucks
7.Would you still like/love her if she had no money? not everything
8.Would you still like/love her if she were a celebrity?

9.Would you like/love her if she were younger/older?
Yes, love doesn't care about age..but i hope same age or younger la
10.Would you like/love her if she were taller than you?

11.Would you like/love her if she were shorter than you?

Yes...height not important
12.Would you like/love her if she had more friends of the opposite gender?

Yes (if less) & No (if more)...haha....see la who is her "Friend"
13.Would you like/love her if she liked your best friend?

No...i hate when this thing happen
14.Would you like/love her if they where in a wheel chair (forever)?

15.Would you like/love them if they told you "no" all the time?

Yes..i will wait until she say "YES"